The Building of a Well Oiled Machine

    The Kirkpatrick Oil Company has a storied history. John E. Kirkpatrick, a prominent Oklahoma business and civic leader, founded Kirkpatrick Oil Company in 1950. Although the company officially started in 1950, the family began its oil exploration in the 1920s when M.B. Blake drilled his first well in 1926, and it has been family-owned ever since.

    The business grew prolifically in the 1950s, and subsidiary opportunities arose: Kirkpatrick Supply, Kirkpatrick Well Servicing, Jennings Engine Supply and Kirkpatrick Oil & Gas were formed. In 1957, Kirkpatrick Oil Company sold several of its oil and gas holdings, which paid off company debt and allowed John and his wife, Eleanor, to focus on civic activities in Oklahoma City.

    In 1995, grandson Christian K. Keesee purchased the oil company, and he currently serves as chairman of the board. He recognizes the importance of adhering to the core values of the company, which have always carried through and stood the test of time. To this day, Kirkpatrick Oil remains a well-established, family-owned oil and natural gas exploration and production company. Headquarters are in Oklahoma City, with district offices in Midland, Texas and Hennessey, Oklahoma.

    Keesee acknowledged that change in the oil and gas industry is inevitable, and from the date he acquired the company, he has emphasized the importance of positioning the company so that it will be able to deal with any change that occurs and prosper in any environment. 

    As Chairman, Keesee's vision has led to increased professionalism in personnel, a new office building for its headquarters in Oklahoma City, the acquisition of El Dorado Drilling Company, and most recently, constructing a new 9,400-square-foot field office in downtown Hennessey, Oklahoma. Keesee continues to build upon Kirkpatrick Oil Company's strong history and solid foundation by continuing to strengthen and deepen the management team, bringing in geologic, engineering, accounting and legal experts with the highest level of professionalism and competence to a company that is well-known for its exacting standards.

    Keesee works to maintain good working relationships with current partners, and develop new strategies and opportunities to attract new partners in regional oil and gas exploration efforts. He continues the legacy of steady, long-term accumulation of assets and capital, maintaining a strong balance sheet and financially flexibility, which are core components of his long-term strategy. Keesee leads the company with a driven sense of urgency, expectations of top performance and a commitment to treating partners with respect. 

    Aside from business ventures, the Kirkpatrick family focuses on philanthropic endeavors in the community through two foundations, the Kirkpatrick Family Fund and the Kirkpatrick Foundation, heavily supporting the arts, education, health, social services, community development, animal welfare and the environment in central Oklahoma.