The Building of a Well Oiled Machine 

The Kirkpatrick Oil Company has a storied history ...

Beginning in the 1920's, M.B. Blake drilled his first well, thereby launching the Kirkpatrick family into oil exploration. Specifically Kirkpatrick Oil Company was established in 1950 by John Kirkpatrick, son-in-law to M.B. Blake. Family-owned for more than 90 years, the company today is run by Chairman Christian Keesee, grandson of John Kirkpatrick.

Leading a company that is well known for its exacting standards, Keesee remains diligent in continuing the legacy of steady accumulation of assets and capital, maintaining a strong balance sheet, and financial flexibility which are core components of his long-term strategy. Under his leadership, the company remains committed to profitably finding, developing, producing, and selling oil and gas in the Mid-Continent region, as well as exploring growth opportunities there and in other focused areas.

Kirkpatrick Oil Company is headquartered in Oklahoma City with a field office in Hennessey, Oklahoma.